Monday, October 2, 2017

Week Highlights: October 2nd - 6th 

This week we are starting our spelling program! This year the students will be using a program called Words Their Way. It is a great program that focuses more on understanding word patterns and less on memorization. Each child will get a list that is specific to their spelling needs and level making it much more effective.

Look for a list of words (or pictures) and a letter with more information coming home with your child on Monday night. There is no assigned homework for these words but you can have your child cut them and sort them to show you what they are working on at school. Every second Friday there will be a test that will show me whether they are ready to move on to a new pattern or they need more practice with their current one.

If you have any questions about this new program feel free to contact me! 

I look forward to seeing all of the students grow into strong spellers using this program this year! 

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